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Bonfi - Outdoor Storage Chair / Table / Cooler / Log

Bonfi - Outdoor Storage Chair / Table / Cooler / Log

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Instead of sitting around on a real log around your next bonfire, just use this cool new Quirky Bonfi. This innovative item is still in development over at, but as of now it combines a chair, table, cooler, and storage container into a single all-in-one outdoor faux log that's perfect for use around a campfire, at the beach or just on your patio. It features an insulated inner storage compartment that doubles as a cooler to keep your drinks and food cold on hot summer days, a flippable lid that has table space and cupholders on one side or a waterproof foam seat on the other, a built-in bottle opener and handles, and is constructed from durable recycled HDPE plastic. It's more or less a multi-purpose cooler disguised as a log and I hope it eventually gets made.

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Tiki Flower Pots / Ice Buckets
They may look like they were handcarved on some breezy tropical island, but are actually made of durable weather-resistant handpainted polyresin that won't break or crack. They come in small and large sizes, feature a hole in the bottom for drainage and can not only be used as flower pot, but as a unique ice bucket for your next Luau party.
Trinken Deep Freeze - 6 Pack Ice Cooler Silicone Mold
Create a giant ice mold that holds and chills a six pack of beer cans or bottles in a unique ice sculpture sort of way.
BODEGA Cooler - Portable Dual Zone Car Refrigerator / Freezer
This 59 quart 12V cooler foregoes the traditional need for ice and uses built-in dual zone refrigeration and freezing to keep food and drinks properly chilled.
Rolling Foosball Ice Cooler
This portable, rolling ice cooler can keep up to 60 cans or 50 bottles ice cold on the inside and has a fun, built-in foosball game table on the top lid.
Bacon Beer Koozie
An insulated beer koozie that looks like it's wrapped in mouth-watering slices of bacon.
Giant Clam Shell Champagne Bucket
This Champagne ice bucket, decorative centerpiece, and catch-all bowl looks like a giant clam shell that measures over two feet wide.
Rubber Duck Floating Beverage Cooler Float
This summer, as you swim in the pool, float down a lazy river, or splash around in a lake, bring plenty of extra drinks in with you on this Rubber Duck float.
Double-Walled Stainless Steel Champagne Bucket and Stand
This stunning ice bucket is crafted from double-wall insulated, 18/8 stainless steel to maximize cold retention and eliminate messy condensation and includes a stable, weighted stand for tableside presentation.
Inflatable Coffin Halloween Cooler / Buffet
The problem with filling real coffins with ice for chilling down drinks and appetizers at Halloween parties is the pesky dead corpse inside.

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Bonfi - Outdoor Storage Chair / Table / Cooler / Log
These cool new Vitra Cork Stools from designer Jasper Morrison are made from the soft and lightweight, yet enormously tough bark of the Cork Oak Tree.
Bonfi - Outdoor Storage Chair / Table / Cooler / Log
Forget the usual chairs, sofas, beanbags, and, if you're lucky, hammocks for lounging around your home, because wouldn't it be way more fun to sit on a swinging seat?
Bonfi - Outdoor Storage Chair / Table / Cooler / Log
A lightweight and portable seating solution that comfortably props you up whenever you need a break from walking or standing.
Bonfi - Outdoor Storage Chair / Table / Cooler / Log
While these decorative ottomans may appear to be crafted from silver or bronze metals, they're actually just made from comfortable leather.
Bonfi - Outdoor Storage Chair / Table / Cooler / Log
This truly attention-grabbing wing chair is crafted from 100% humanely-sourced Mongolian sheepskin wool fleece that is ultra soft and luxurious to sit upon.
Bonfi - Outdoor Storage Chair / Table / Cooler / Log
This massive inflatable outdoor party sofa comfortably seats up to 30 guests at a time.
Bonfi - Outdoor Storage Chair / Table / Cooler / Log
Fatboy the original fits in everywhere and with everyone. It's the perfect size to lounge in or to use as a mattress for a power nap. Fatboy the original is produced from strong nylon fibers which make in longer lasting and faster cleaning.
Bonfi - Outdoor Storage Chair / Table / Cooler / Log
Massive, oversized and regal folding sports chair measures in at 5.5 feet tall, provides 9 square feet of seating and has six cup holders! Truly fit for a King, Queen or other person of relatively high self-importance!
Bonfi - Outdoor Storage Chair / Table / Cooler / Log
The unique cushion of this cool new bar stool is filled with 1,200 recycled wine and champagne corks enclosed in a breathable, durable mesh fabric!

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