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Face Licker - Personalized Lifesize Lollipop Heads

Face Licker - Personalized Lifesize Lollipop Heads

If you always wished your candy was a bit more disturbing, then your sweet tooth is going to love these cool new Face Lickers. Yep, now you can finally get a personalized lifesize lollipop head on a stick that looks like you, a friend, an enemy, a celebrity, etc. After you submit a photo and short description, each giant tutti-frutti flavored lollipop is handcrafted from scratch by master sugarsmiths into the likeness you fave chosen. Perfect for anyone who wishes they could like their own face or give it as an awkward yet delightful gift.


  • A delicious giant lollipop personalised to look like you (or anybody else!)
  • Lick yourself, a mate or a celebrity's face
  • Just supply a photo and a short description and master sugarsmiths will get to work handcrafting their likeness
  • Each one is life-size, completely bespoke and made from scratch
  • Irresistible all natural tutti-frutti flavor
  • Not only are they delightfully delectable but vegan friendly too

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