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Lotte Memory-Enhancing Chewing Gum

Lotte Memory-Enhancing Chewing Gum

Lotte Memory-Enhancing Chewing Gum

Have you already forgotten how you got here? Then you might need some of this cool new Lotte Memory-Enhancing Chewing Gum from Japan. This unique spearmint-flavored chewing gum is infused with Ginkgo Biloba extract, which may enhance your memory, boost mental performance, and help you focus. Hmm, if you think it's working, well maybe it is! If not, it's just some tasty chewing gum that comes in packs of 5 in either stick or pellet types. Hold on, I might need a stick of this gum, because I can't remember why I'm here either. πŸ˜Άβ€πŸŒ«οΈ

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