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Gigantic 28 Pound Gummy Pizza Slice

Gigantic 28 Pound Gummy Pizza Slice

Pizza lovers with a voracious hunger and a huge sweet tooth need to stop everything and order one of these cool new Gigantic Gummy Pizza Slices. This MASSIVE pizza slice made entirely from sweet gummy candy weighs over 28 pounds, has over 28,000 calories, and measures a whopping three feet long by two feet wide. Each part of this handmade gargantuan gummy pizza slice has its own fruit flavor: orange (crust), strawberry-banana (cheese), mango (banana peppers), green apple (olives), and cherry (pepperoni). If you buy 8 slices, you will have a complete pizza pie, which should be way more than enough for a gummy pizza party. Best of all, it even gets delivered, just like the real thing. Check out the fun video below to see how its made. Cool huh?


  • Designer: The Gummy Bear Guy™
  • Extra, extra large piece of pizza-styled gummy
  • 28 pounds of solid gummy beautifully handcrafted into a wedge of everyone's favorite food
  • 5 fruit flavors representing different parts of the pizza: orange (crust), strawberry-banana (cheese), mango (banana peppers), green apple (olives), and
  • cherry (pepperoni)
  • Gnaw off a hunk of your favorite flavor or open wide to enjoy a whole fruit gummy buffet in one bite
  • One sweet slice is enough to feed an entire pizza party
  • Net wt.: 28 lbs (12.70 kg)
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Size: 36" x 28"

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