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Cocktail Smoking Cloche

Cocktail Smoking Cloche

Cocktail Smoking Cloche

If you love that delicious smoky wood flavor on foods, then why not on your cocktails as well? Designed by World Champion bartender, Charles Joly, this cool new Crafthouse Smoking Cloche allows you to add complexity and depth to your favorite cocktails, meats, and even cheeses using wood smoke or various types of dried herbs and spices. Just mix up a cocktail or maybe pour something straight up on the rocks, place it under the glass dome, and use the included smoking gun to pump in the aromatic wood smoke. Makes a unique gift for any creative home bartender.

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  • From world class bartender Charles Joly
  • Add complex notes to drinks and dishes with this sophisticated but easy-to-use smoker
  • Sophisticated but easy-to-use system lets you add complex, smoky notes to drinks and dishes at home
  • Infuse your favorite cocktail or appetizer with aromatic smoked flavor using this smoking cloche
  • Fill the gun with the included applewood chips and smoke food directly for a light, flavorful finishing touch
  • Smoke meats, cheeses, or cocktails
  • Savor a smoked Bloody Mary for brunch or make your own smoked gouda for a cozy cocktail party
  • For a deeper infusion (smoked mac and cheese, anyone?), use the hose attachment
  • Experiment by trying different types of wood, dried herbs, and spices
  • Even when not in use, the glass cloche and rich black walnut base make an impressive addition to your kitchen or bar
  • Distinctive gift for creative mixologists and adventurous farm-to-table fans
  • Materials: glass, walnut wood, wood chips, and electric smoker
  • Size: 11" H x 9.3" Diameter

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