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Ullo Wine Purifier - Removes Sulfites and Sediment + Aerates

Ullo Wine Purifier - Removes Sulfites and Sediment + Aerates

Ullo Wine Purifier - Removes Sulfites and Sediment + Aerates

If you love drinking red wine and wonder what it would taste like without all the added sulfites (artificial preservatives), then pour a glass through this cool new Ullo Wine Purifier. Sulfite preservatives are no longer necessary once you open the bottle and this innovative wine purifier instantly restores red wine to its natural state by removing only bitter sulfites and sediment through Selective Sulfite Capture polymer filters. One filter filters a single 750 ml bottle of red wine and the Ullo unit is designed to fit on top of most wine glasses for easy pour through. To enhance the taste and aroma of the wine further, it also features a built-in aerator that can easily be switched on or off depending on if you will be drink red or white wine. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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  • All wine contains sulfites, which are artificial preservatives added during production. They are no longer needed once the bottle is opened
  • Instantly restores the natural taste of wine
  • Selective Sulfite Capture™ technology removes sulfites and sediment, bringing wine back to its natural state
  • Works with any still wine to remove sulfites the moment their job is done
  • Selective Sulfite Capture™ filters work like a magnet, pulling sulfites from wine and leaving everything else
  • Proprietary polymer technology filters away free sulfites and their bitter taste, while allowing other compounds in wine to flow through unaffected
  • Includes: Ullo Wine Purifier, Travel bag, Display base, and 4 Selective Sulfite Capture™ single bottle filters
  • Filters are for a 1 single 750ml bottle
  • Designed to fit on top of a variety of wine glasses
  • Twist the aerator on or off to suit your preference
  • Aeration: Breathe life into reds or maintain the balance of whites
  • Sulfites are artificial chemicals added to wine as a preservative
  • Sulfites protect wine against oxidation and bacterial spoilage during shipping and storage but are no longer needed once you open the bottle
  • Return Ullo to its base to capture any unruly drips
  • Filters made in the US

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