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Contact Naval Mine Whiskey Chiller

Contact Naval Mine Whiskey Chiller

Contact Naval Mine Whiskey Chiller

This cool new Ice Cold Killer from ChillJimmy is a chillable stainless steel whiskey stone in the shape of an infamous contact Naval mine. After placing it in the freezer for around 45 minutes, drop it (carefully!) into a glass of whiskey, bourbon, or Scotch to chill it down without dilution. It features 316L surgical stainless steel construction, spiky mine triggers and small rivets detailing, and is filled with a safe food-grade cooling liquid. Not only is it more effective than traditional melting ice cubes that can water down and ruin a good drink, it's also pretty damn cool to have a realistic-looking Naval mine eerily floating around in it. Best of all, this unique non-explosive drink chilling contact mine is reusable... hopefully!

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