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Party Ice Luge - Race Shots Down the Icy Slopes!

Party Ice Luge - Race Shots Down the Icy Slopes!

Party Ice Luge - Race Shots Down the Icy Slopes!

While not quite as exhilarating as racing down a dangerous icy track on a sled moving at incredible breakneck speeds, the safer way to enjoy the downhill luge is on a much, much smaller scale, at home, and with plenty of booze and friends. Just fill the mold of this cool new Party Ice Luge with water, freeze for 24 hours, pop out the newly formed ice mold, flip it over onto the base, and pour your favorite spirits down the twin icy tunnels into shot glasses or mouths waiting at the base. It's perfect for sending chilled shots down into shot glasses, just shaken martinis down into cocktail glasses, a spirit and a chaser separately, fun drinking games, or anything else you can dream up. You can even get creative and add food coloring, different flavors and ingredients, waterproof lights, and more to the ice mold. Whatever you do though, please drink and luge responsibly.

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  • Double Track Party Ice Luge
  • Pour, chill, and your favorite drinks at your next get together
  • Sure to become the centerpiece at any party for hours of fun!
  • Simply add water, place in the freezer for 24 hours, and presto! a double track party ice luge
  • Use the ice mold as a stand to hold the ice luge
  • Get creative by adding flavor, coloring, or other ingredients before freezing
  • Come up with your own drinking games
  • Fits into most standard freezers
  • Made out of Food-Safe Plastic

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