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Three-Tiered Drink Dispenser - Keeps Ice, Beverages, and Booze Separate

Three-Tiered Drink Dispenser - Keeps Ice, Beverages, and Booze Separate

No need to spike the punch bowl at your next soiree, just use this cool new Three-Tiered Drink Dispenser instead. This fun drink dispenser has three tiers: a bottom bowl for ice that helps chill the drinks above without dilution, a middle bowl to to hold and dispense your main beverage of choice, and a corked vessel on top to hold the booze to spike your drinks (or it could hold whatever you wish). It's crafted from mouth-blown lead-free crystal, holds 135 oz, and breaks down into three compartments for easy storage. Perfect for those who like lemonade straight up and those who like with a nip of good bourbon.


  • Ice, soft drinks, and the hard stuff stay separate so guests can decide how to mix it up
  • Mouth-blown lead free crystal design resembles a classic handled jug when assembled
  • Breaks down into three compartments
  • Bottom bowl holds ice to chill beverages without dilution
  • Middle section holds and dispenses your favorite beverages
  • Corked top vessel holds spirits to spike your punch or sweetener to add to lemonade or iced tea
  • Capacity: 135 fl oz
  • Size: 7.25" Diameter x 15" H

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