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Snack Spout - Nut and Candy Jar Dispenser

Snack Spout - Nut and Candy Jar Dispenser

Snack Spout - Nut and Candy Jar Dispenser

Can't stop munching on nuts or candies from a tempting open jar? Want to ensure others don't stick their grimy, germ-ridden hands into your nut or candy jar? Then check out this cool new Snack Spout Food Dispenser. This inventive contraption screws onto large-sized nut and candy jars, effectively transforming them into portion-controlled and more sanitary snack dispensers. It still won't stop you from gorging through a whole jar of these tasty snacks, but having to turn the knob will at least slow you down a bit. Great solution, especially when serving guests during parties or around the holidays.

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  • Turns grocery snack nut jars into the perfect food dispenser
  • Sturdy, sanitary, and dispenses effortlessly
  • Portioned or user-controlled flow
  • Direct dispensing into your hand
  • Virtually no jamming, no batteries or cords, multiple uses
  • Food-grade plastic, BPA Free, durable, recyclable
  • Fits all large-size snack nut, jelly bean, and plastic food storage jars with 89mm or 110mm mouth opening

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