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Pico Walnut Opener By Mono

Pico Walnut Opener By Mono

Pico Walnut Opener By Mono

Walnuts can be tricky nuts to crack, but they don't stand a chance with the cool new Pico Walnut Opener. This stylish stainless steel tool opens walnuts quickly and gently, without pulverizing the shell like ordinary nutcrackers. Simply insert the middle prong into the seam at the top of the nut and twist like a key to split the shell. Once inside, use the two side prongs to easily remove the nut from the inner shell.Great gift and solution for dedicated walnut lovers.

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  • Designed by Ralph Kramer
  • Opens walnuts easily and gently
  • Center prong splits shell and outer prongs remove the nut
  • Made of Stainless Steel
  • Size: 3" W x 2.5" L

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