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Acorn Snack Bowl

Acorn Snack Bowl

Acorn Snack Bowl

Tired of leaving behind a huge pile of discarded shells every time your voracious pistachio addiction strikes? Then check out this cool new Acorn Snack Bowl from Qualy. While it may look like a giant acorn at first glance, the cap on this whimsical nut / snack bowl comes off and can be flipped over to double as a handy tray to hold shells or candy wrappers. The only downside is that it might attract a super huge squirrel who will bury it somewhere outside and then forget where. pistachios

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  • Acorn Snack Bowl
  • Turn the lid upside-down onto the bowl to be used as a double layer tray to put the nuts shell inside
  • Capacity: Approx 800 ml
  • Materials: Green ABS+Wood Composite Material
  • Food safe
  • Size: 6.88" Diameter x 5.51" T

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