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BackTap - Insulated Backpack Cooler / Beverage Dispenser

BackTap - Insulated Backpack Cooler / Beverage Dispenser

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This cool new BackTap - Backpack Cooler is a rugged, all-terrain insulated cooler that can be worn like a backpack and has a built-in tap for dispensing your favorite beverage. It features a removable stainless-steel insert to help keep drinks cold, has a tough rotomolded exterior in blazing orange, a leak-resistant flip-top lid that doubles as a seat, load-bearing backpack straps (and a carrying handle), and has a capacity to hold up to 3 gallons of liquid, 14 slim cans, 12 standard cans, or 5 bottles of wine. Perfect for bringing along plenty of refreshments on hikes, camping trips, the beach, fishing trips, picnics, tailgating, job sites, serving up drinks while mingling around at a party, or just walking around with a mighty thirst.

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Collapsible Ice Cooler
This lightweight, space-saving insulated ice cooler has a convenient easy access opening in the lid, holds up to 48 cans with ice and folds flat for easy transportation and storage.
Nadia Outdoor Beverage Tub Table
Below two removable teak wood covers in the center of this luxurious indoor / outdoor coffee table is an integrated ice cooler that can hold up to 30 bottles of win e(imagine how many beer bottles) with plenty of room for ice.
Sunnylife Beach Cooler Speaker
This retro-styled drink cooler has a 16 can capacity and twin speakers on the side that can pump out tunes via wireless streaming, FM radio, or ports.
Ice Pack Secret Flask - Hides in Plain Sight
No matter whether you're at the beach, tailgating, relaxing poolside at the hotel, watching a concert, or just anywhere outdoors with a mighty thirst, keep your booze discreetly hidden right in plain sight inside these realistic faux ice packs.
Nite Ops Tactical Can Cooler With LED Light
A tactical-styled ABS wrapper for your beer can that provides excellent grip, protects your hands from condensation, and has a built-in LED light so you can easily spot the can at night.
Illuminated Drink Boat Cooler
A little inflatable floating barge that hauls and chills up to six bottles or cans of your favorite thirst-quenching beverage while in the pool, hot tub, ocean, or lake.
Top Hat Champagne Cooler / Ice Bucket
This cool new Top Hat Champagne Cooler is what all proper ice buckets should look like, dashingly dapper.
Backpack Cooler Chair
This Summer, don't lug around a giant cooler and folding chair everywhere you go, just grab this versatile all-in-one solution that combines a comfortable folding chair, an insulated portable cooler and a handy backpack for easy mobility!
Reclaimed Wine Barrel Ice Chest with Stand
This rustic ice chest is handcrafted from a full-sized reclaimed Napa Valley red wine barrel that features a hinged top lid, a side tap for draining melted ice water, a handy built-in bottle opener on the front, and a recycled metal barrel rack to prevent it from rolling away.

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BackTap -  Insulated Backpack Cooler / Beverage Dispenser
Keeps drinks carbonated and dispenses right from a plastic 2-liter bottle in your fridge!
BackTap -  Insulated Backpack Cooler / Beverage Dispenser
A stylish handmade liquor bottle tap made from natural stones found along the coast of New England that help to maintain optimal drink temperatures.
BackTap -  Insulated Backpack Cooler / Beverage Dispenser
This innovative beer pitcher has a built-in ice chamber that keeps 60 oz of beer ice cold, without dilluting it with melted ice.
BackTap -  Insulated Backpack Cooler / Beverage Dispenser
Add a Western theme to your oil and wine bottles when you dress them up with a Cowboy Hat Bottle Stopper.
BackTap -  Insulated Backpack Cooler / Beverage Dispenser
A handcrafted glass pitcher with a removable inner cylinder that holds fruits or herbs to infuse extra flavor into beverages. Add lemons or cucumbers to water, berries to vodka, mint leaves to iced tea or any other combination you can dream up.
BackTap -  Insulated Backpack Cooler / Beverage Dispenser
Make going to the gas pump actually enjoyable again with the retro chrome-plated gas pump liquor dispenser. The pump is self-serve and holds one liter of your favorite octane.
BackTap -  Insulated Backpack Cooler / Beverage Dispenser
World's first home watercooler designed to dispense pure drinking water for both people and pets!
BackTap -  Insulated Backpack Cooler / Beverage Dispenser
This nautical-themed sand-cast aluminum beverage dispenser stand is shaped like a mighty eight armed cephalopod AKA an octopus and can also be used as a unique stand for serving appetizers, holding a lazy box of wine, or whatever you'd like.
BackTap -  Insulated Backpack Cooler / Beverage Dispenser
At your next Halloween party, serve up guests (living and undead) your spookiest alcoholic concoctions, thirst-quenching party punches, or just some mysterious green bubbling beverage conjured up with a powerful spell right inside this cool new Witch's Brew Pumpkin Drink Dispenser.

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