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Chef'n Frothing Hot Chocolate Pot

Chef'n Frothing Hot Chocolate Pot

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If you're a hot chocolate lover or you need a great gift for one, then check out this cool new yet quite warm Chef'n Frothing Hot Chocolate Pot. This little insulated ceramic pot has a built-in frothing whisk in the lid that blends a cocoa mix and warm milk together and then adds a rich, creamy texture to it as well. The insulated pot is designed to keep your hot cocoa warm even on the coldest winter days and nights, holds up to 32 oz for at least 4 generous pours, can be placed in the microwave to help warm the milk up, and is wrapped in festive red silicone sleeve for a great grip. If gifting, don't forget to throw in some hot cocoa mix, mini marshmallows... hmm, and maybe a bottle of bourbon!

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Chef'n Frothing Hot Chocolate Pot
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Chef'n Frothing Hot Chocolate Pot
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Chef'n Frothing Hot Chocolate Pot
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Chef'n Frothing Hot Chocolate Pot
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Chef'n Frothing Hot Chocolate Pot
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Chef'n Frothing Hot Chocolate Pot
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Chef'n Frothing Hot Chocolate Pot
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Chef'n Frothing Hot Chocolate Pot
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Chef'n Frothing Hot Chocolate Pot
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