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Himalayan Salt Poultry Brining Egg

Himalayan Salt Poultry Brining Egg

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When it comes to roasting a Thanksgiving turkey or just a whole chicken, brining it first in a bag of salt water will help make it come out extra moist, tender, and flavorful, but if you want to skip that whole hassle entirely, then check out this cool new Himalayan Salt Brining Egg. Simply pre-heat this egg-shaped block of pink Himalayan salt to 400 degrees, carefully insert it into the keister of your choice of poultry, and roast it like usual until it reaches the proper internal temperature. Not only will the hot salt egg reduce the cooking time to nearly half, it also brines and naturally tenderizes the bird while it cooks for extra juicy, flavorful results. After simple cleaning, the naturally anti-microbial salt egg can be reused over and over again until it wears way and it's available in either chicken or turkey sizes. Cool huh?

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Himalayan Salt Poultry Brining Egg
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Himalayan Salt Poultry Brining Egg
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Himalayan Salt Poultry Brining Egg
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Himalayan Salt Poultry Brining Egg
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Himalayan Salt Poultry Brining Egg
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Himalayan Salt Poultry Brining Egg
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Himalayan Salt Poultry Brining Egg
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Himalayan Salt Poultry Brining Egg
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Himalayan Salt Poultry Brining Egg
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