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Inflatable Turkey

Inflatable Turkey

Inflatable Turkey

What can you do with an Inflatable Turkey? This realistic and quite tasty looking inflatable roasted turkey is perfect for a fill-in centerpiece to enjoy on the dining table while the real bird is roasting on Thanksgiving, bouncing it around in the pool, at the beach, or in a stadium, endless accidental turkey dropping pranks, filling it up with helium to tie it up like a balloon, and, of course, Vegan Thanksgivings. It's probably best to keep the carving knives far away from it though or you might have a Griswold Turkey incident.

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  • Inflatable Vinyl Roast Turkey
  • This Inflatable Turkey looks so delicious you can almost smell the stuffing
  • Keep the carving knives away, because this bird is strictly for show
  • Perfect for staging your Thanksgiving table while the real turkey is roasting
  • Looks good enough to eat
  • Also fun at the beach or in the pool
  • Size: 16" L

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