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Prank Hand Sanitizer - Really Works and Smells Like Ass!

Prank Hand Sanitizer - Really Works and Smells Like Ass!

Nowadays, when everyone isn't staring at their smartphones, they're rubbing their hands together with endless hand sanitizer. This cool new Evil Prank Hand Sanitizer is just what the world needs. This typical little squeeze bottle of hand sanitizer gel with aloe vera is completely real, except this funny prank version smells like total ass when it's applied to the hands. Apparently, it smells like normal hand sanitizer too until the alcohol evaporates, which makes it even more unsuspecting. Perfect for leaving around the office, in the car, or just bring a bottle along in case anyone, anywhere needs a squirt or two to cleanse their hands. The prank works even better if there's no place to wash their hands afterward. Ingenious!

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