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IcyBreeze - Portable Air Conditioner / Ice Cooler

IcyBreeze - Portable Air Conditioner / Ice Cooler

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The cool new IcyBreeze is the world's first portable air conditioner / cooler that not only keeps your drinks ice cold, it keeps you cool as well. Just add some water, fill with ice and beverages, and you're ready to face the sweltering Summer heat down at the beach, while camping, attending sporting events, or just mingling at backyard BBQs.

The refreshing air conditioner part of this cooler works when the icy water circulates through a built-in radiator and a 3 speed, high-powered fan draws air through it, effectively chilling it down to 35 degrees lower than the outside temperature, and blows it out through a flexible hose vent on the lid at 25 mph. The cooler itself has a 38 ounce capacity that can hold up to 49 cans and 30 lbs of ice, which can last up to 7 days at temperatures up to 90 degrees, has 2 handy cupholders on the lid, a 12-Volt rechargeable battery lasts up to 7 hours on lowest fan speed, and has large wheels that easily roll over multiple surfaces.

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IcyBreeze - Portable Air Conditioner / Ice Cooler
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IcyBreeze - Portable Air Conditioner / Ice Cooler
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IcyBreeze - Portable Air Conditioner / Ice Cooler
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IcyBreeze - Portable Air Conditioner / Ice Cooler
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IcyBreeze - Portable Air Conditioner / Ice Cooler
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