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Gothic Curtain Tieback

Gothic Curtain Tieback

Gothic Curtain Tieback

I don't know who is creepily standing behind the drapes, but based on its skeletal hand reaching out, it's either a helpful corpse holding them back or it's just waiting to reach out and grab you. The cool new Gothic Curtain Tieback may look like a terrifying skeleton arm adorned in flowing fabrics and a bejeweled spider ring, but it's actually made from realistic resin instead of bone and since skeletons don't have muscles to do anything useful, it uses heavy duty magnets to hold back the curtains. A haunting decorative touch to your haunted house this Halloween.

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  • Drape tieback in the form of a skeleton arm
  • Creates the haunting illusion of a skeleton mysteriously emerging from behind your curtains
  • Generously embellished in layers of flowing fabrics, and even a bejeweled spider ring
  • Crafted for years of use from realistic resin
  • Works with extra heavy-duty magnets
  • Size: 14.5" W x 2.5" D x 15.5" H - 1 lb

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