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Scarecrow Pumpkin Stand

Scarecrow Pumpkin Stand

Scarecrow Pumpkin Stand

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This Halloween, if you're going to carve up a poor pumpkin to look like a creepy smirking head, at least give the poor thing a body to go along with it instead of leaving it bodyless and immobile on your cold front step. This cool new Scarecrow Pumpkin Stand is the solution.

After you've finished carving up your pumpkin that was sadly ripped away from its family in the patch, show off your masterful butchering skills by pushing it down on the metal spikes on top of the headless scarecrow stand. Voila! Now it has some instant personality. This mysterious scarecrow features moveable arms and tufts of realistic looking faux straw sticking out beneath its brown pants and plaid shirt. It's not scary enough to keep the trick-or-treaters away, but you should at least be be crow-free for the night.

Just remember, when shoving a flaming candle into the noggin of your new pumpkin headed abomination that scarecrows are obviously very afraid of fire.


  • Just place your carved or un-carved pumpkin on the metal spikes on the top of the scarecrow
  • Showcase your wicked pumpkin carving skills this Halloween
  • Scarecrow is dressed to thrill in brown pants and requisite plaid shirt with a rope tie
  • Tufts of faux straw, in all the right places, add an extra measure of authenticity
  • Arms are positionable
  • Securely holds up to a 10 lb. natural pumpkin
  • Size: 27.5" W x 11.75" D x 38.5" H - 5 lbs

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