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Recycled Iron Halloween Witch Hat / Candy Bowl

Recycled Iron Halloween Witch Hat / Candy Bowl

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This Halloween, serve up candy to the trick-or-treaters (or just yourself) in spooky style with this cool new Iron Witch Hat Candy Bowl. This spellbinding witch's hat is handcrafted by artisans in India from recycled iron pieces and has a wide brim that doubles as a candy bowl or seasonable catch-all. It features a distressed metal design, a white ribbon accent with a Halloween orange buckle, and intricate curls around the brim. Cackling wicked witch not included. 🧙‍♀️

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Recycled Iron Halloween Witch Hat / Candy Bowl
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Recycled Iron Halloween Witch Hat / Candy Bowl
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Recycled Iron Halloween Witch Hat / Candy Bowl
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Recycled Iron Halloween Witch Hat / Candy Bowl
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Recycled Iron Halloween Witch Hat / Candy Bowl
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Recycled Iron Halloween Witch Hat / Candy Bowl
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Recycled Iron Halloween Witch Hat / Candy Bowl
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Recycled Iron Halloween Witch Hat / Candy Bowl
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