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Monster Bowl

Monster Bowl
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In the classic 1931 Frankenstein movie, Dr. Frankenstein's goofy hump-backed laboratory assistant, Fritz, stole the abnormal brain from the medical school instead of the jar with the normal brain. This mixup resulted in the monster becoming quite, er, monstrous once he was resurrected during the lightning storm. In hindsight, it seems they would have just been better off filling the monster's skull with candy, nuts, fruit, or even loose change instead, like you can do with this cool new Monster Bowl from Distortions Unlimited. This terrifying serving bowl / bust is a reproduction of Frankenstein's monster's head, except there's a convenient bowl on top of his noggin instead of a stolen brain. It's the perfect bowl for monster lovers, Halloween decor, mad scientists, boring scientists, or just anyone... living, dead, or undead

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