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Screwdriver Wine Stopper

Screwdriver Wine Stopper

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When you can't finish a bottle of wine, the cool new Screwdriver Wine Stopper will fix that problem up quickly. When in place, this fun bottle stopper looks like an actual screwdriver was crammed down the neck of a wine bottle to help keep it fresh. It's constructed from stainless steel with a heavy duty plastic screwdriver handle secured to the top along with a rubber gasket along the base to keep the wine properly sealed. The only problem is that this will probably be the only screwdriver you can find when you need a flathead or Phillips screwdriver, because no matter what you need, only the opposite ever seems to be available - hmm, blue pens always seem to show up in place of black pens too... it's weird...anyways, it makes a cool barware gift for any home improvement / wine enthusiast.

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