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Bev Tie - Hands Free Beer Holding Necktie

Bev Tie - Hands Free Beer Holding Necktie

Bev Tie - Hands Free Beer Holding Necktie

A use has finally found for the pointless necktie. At first glance... from a slight distance, these cool new Bev Ties may look like stylish ordinary neckties, but as you get closer, you'll notice that they're actually holding bottles or cans of beer in a front pouch so that the wearer can be entirely hands-free. These stylish wearable koozies are crafted from waterproof Neoprene fabric that not only insulates your drink to keep it ice cold, it also prevents any condensation from getting on your shirt. Perfect for grilling, tailgating, standing around, camping, mingling, parties, weddings, bachelor parties, church, or just anywhere you'll be drinking and want to look good doing it.

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  • The Bev Tie holds bottles and cans and keeps your hands free
  • No more spilled drinks or awkward wet handshakes at parties
  • Perfect for Parties, Potlucks, Tailgates, Grilling, Camping, Weddings, Bachelor Parties,... anywhere you need to hold a drink and look stylish
  • Waterproof Neoprene fabric insulates your beverage and keeps it cold
  • Since it's waterproof, it also keeps any beverage condensation from getting on your shirt
  • Drink Pouch - Holds bottles and cans (to enter can mode, press up on the bottom of the pouch)
  • Hook and loop neck strap - Secure and Comfortable
  • The shape of the Bev Tie is specially designed to keep your beverage from rolling around on your chest.
  • Made in USA

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