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Reusable Elephant Straws

Reusable Elephant Straws

Reusable Elephant Straws

Disposable plastic straws are out and reusable straws are in and these cool new Elephant Straws from Paladone are designed to make you never forget to bring one along with you. Just place the whimsical little elephant down at the bottom of a glass, fill with a tasty beverage, and sip through its cute extended snorkel-like trunk rising above the surface of the drink. The elephants can be detached from the reusable straws for easy cleaning and two elephant straws come in a pack.

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  • 2 reusable elephant straws in a pack
  • Make sure you never forget to take your Elephant Straws with you the next time you want a refreshing beverage
  • Adorable elephant straw toppers are attached to reusable plastic straws
  • Just put the elephant at the bottom of your drink and sip through its trunk
  • Elephants detach from the straws meaning they are easy to clean
  • Can be used with other reusable straws

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