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Beer Can Life Vest Koozie

Beer Can Life Vest Koozie

Beer Can Life Vest Koozie

Help preserve the icy chill of your favorite canned brew when you slip on one of these cool new Beer Can Life Vests. These miniature life preserver vests / can koozies are designed to thermally insulate ice cold beers from your hot hands, prevent slippery condensation that leads to catastrophic drops, and help keep it safe from drowning in the pool or after going overboard during a shipwreck. Available in blue and orange.

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  • Keep cans cold with a life vest-shaped flotation device
  • Fit your favorite brew with a colorful can-size life vest that doesn’t mind getting a little wet and wild
  • Maintains temps inside and a condensation-free grip on the outside
  • Two thermal insulation layers
  • Size: 4" L x 3" W

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