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The Barbarian - 9-in-1 Bar Tool

The Barbarian - 9-in-1 Bar Tool

The Barbarian - 9-in-1 Bar Tool

What the Swiss Army did for knives, The Barbarian does for bar tools. This versatile 9-in-1 bar / kitchen multi-tool combines a citrus press with a corkscrew and lever, a zester, a measuring jigger, a bottle opener, a can lance, a channel knife, a citrus knife, and a 1 inch knife. While this powerful bartender tool should come in quite handy behind the bar, you still have to make the cocktail yourself.

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  • CITRUS PRESS great for squeezing limes, lemons and oranges
  • JIGGER measuring .5 oz / 1 oz / 1.5 oz
  • CORKSCREW & LEVER for opening wine bottle
  • ZESTER great for adding texture and flavor to any concoction
  • CHANNEL KNIFE slicing citrus rind to garnish a beverage or your favorite dish
  • BOTTLE OPENER pop open your favorite bottle of beer or soda
  • CAN LANCE puncture tin cans to allow quick and easy pouring
  • 1 inch KNIFE for wide citrus garnish or bottle label removal
  • CITRUS KNIFE perfect size for lemons, limes and oranges

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