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IceBreaker - Handheld Twist and Serve Ice Cube Tray

IceBreaker - Handheld Twist and Serve Ice Cube Tray

IceBreaker - Handheld Twist and Serve Ice Cube Tray

The boring old ice cube tray that flings ice cubes into the air when cracked has finally been reimagined for the 21st century. This cool new IceBreaker is a portable, covered twist-and-serve ice cube maker that dispenses one ice cube at a time via a simple twist of the handle on top - no need for you or anyone else to ever touch the ice. To use, just fill this watertight ice cube maker with water, freeze in any position needed to save space in your freezer, and then dispense up to 12 cubes as needed. It's BPA- and phthalate -free, doesn't absorb odors from the freezer, and comes in a variety of colors. Perfect for everyone from kids to elderly adults.

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  • The most simple handheld twist-and-serve ice cube maker
  • Innovative covered ice cube tray
  • Dispenses them into a glass without ever touching them
  • Just fill with water to create 12 frozen ice cubes
  • Quit struggling with silicone ice molds or rigid plastic molds
  • A rotation of the manual handle pushes out a single cube.
  • Keep one at the table during dinner or during a backyard barbecue
  • Easy-twist handle at the top does all the work - easy to use from kids to to elderly adults
  • Watertight - Freeze your cubes in any position to take up little space in the freezer
  • BPA and phthalate free
  • Won't absorb odors to ensure crisper, cleaner ice cubes
  • Colors: Umber Grey, Pale Lemon, Sapphire Blue, and Cool Grey

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