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VillaWare Ravioli Maker

VillaWare Ravioli Maker

VillaWare Ravioli Maker

This year, I want to improve my culinary experience in the kitchen. Not only is it fun to cook and a great excuse for drinking more wine, but it's also nice to know that with all the crazy stuff they put into foods these days, exactly what's in there. Well, since I love cool kitchen gadgets, I really can't wait to try out my hand at gourmet Ravioli making with the cool new VillaWare Ravioli Maker. It's sad and I'm a little afraid to admit this, but I don't think I've ever had ravioli unless it was from a can!

The VillaWare Ravioli Maker lets you fill, cut and seal 12 perfect gourmet 1 3/4inch square raviolis quickly and easily, every single time. Simply roll out a sheet of pasta dough over the metal ravioli mold, use the second plate to create the indented pockets, fill the pockets with cheese, spinach, beef or whatever you desire, lay a second sheet of pasta dough over that and finally seal and cut the ravioli casings with the included rolling pin. Now pop all 12 raviolis out like ice cubes and add to a pot of boiling water. Doesn't this make you hungry?

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