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Barbuzzo Brew Stein - Oktoberfest Beer Can Holder

Barbuzzo Brew Stein - Oktoberfest Beer Can Holder

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Transform a can of beer into a full blown hinged-lid German beer stein with this cool new Barbuzzo Brew Stein and drink like it's Oktoberfest all year long. Just slide any 12 ounce can into this pewter-like can holder and then raise and lower the handy hinged lid with your thumb in between drinks to help prevent spilling and keeping thirsty insects from dropping down into your drink. In fact, that's why German steins had the hinged lid to begin with. It helped to prevent the spread of the Black Plague by keeping out diseased flies while boozing. This fun Bavarian beer koozie may also make you more interesting at parties, but it's not guaranteed.

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Barbuzzo Brew Stein - Oktoberfest Beer Can Holder
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Barbuzzo Brew Stein - Oktoberfest Beer Can Holder
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Barbuzzo Brew Stein - Oktoberfest Beer Can Holder
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Barbuzzo Brew Stein - Oktoberfest Beer Can Holder
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Barbuzzo Brew Stein - Oktoberfest Beer Can Holder
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Barbuzzo Brew Stein - Oktoberfest Beer Can Holder
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Barbuzzo Brew Stein - Oktoberfest Beer Can Holder
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Barbuzzo Brew Stein - Oktoberfest Beer Can Holder
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Barbuzzo Brew Stein - Oktoberfest Beer Can Holder
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