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Ocean Liner Steamship Funnel Waste Basket

Ocean Liner Steamship Funnel Waste Basket

Ocean Liner Steamship Funnel Waste Basket

These cool new yet quite retro Steamship Funnel Waste Baskets are inspired by the iconic tilted smokestack funnels once seen on the Cunard Line / American and Red Star Line of Trans-Atlantic ocean liner steamships of yesteryear. While they should be standard waste baskets on all current cruise liners. These fun conversation starting aluminum wastebaskets are available in either red or white with contrasting black banding with realistic rivets and make unique gifts for any fan of the golden age of steamship cruising across the pond or nautical themed maritime decor. They're perfect for handling most of your basic wads of paper tossed into them, but please keep them away from pesky icebergs.

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  • Waste basket modeled after the Cunard Line Ocean Liner steamship smokestack with it's house colors of red with black stripes
  • Makes an interesting conversational addition to nautical maritime decor
  • Contrasting black banding with realistic rivets
  • Material: Aluminum
  • The perfect size for home office waste paper or as a storage bin for housewares or office items
  • Colors: Red and Black or White and black
  • Size: 13" H x 13.75" L x 9.75" D

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