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Rinspeed sQuba - Submarine Sports Car

Rinspeed sQuba - Submarine Sports Car

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Wish you were an international super spy or an even cooler super villain? Wish you could take a self-driving autonomous convertible sports car underwater? Have an extra $2,000,000 to spend on one? Look no further than the cool new Rinspeed sQuba. This high tech electric sports car not only handles the roads with ease, it can also leave them to float on water, and then submerge down beneath it with the pull of a lever.

Inspired by the infamous underwater Lotus driven by James Bond in The Spy Who Loved Me, this modern day electric version submerges underwater to depths down to 33' and has two built-in scuba tanks and diving regulators allowing you and a passenger to stay underwater for up to an hour. It's a convertible because it looks cool above water and so you can actually escape if needed when down below.

It features a Lotus Elise steel chassis, a zero-emission electric motor powered by six 48-volt Lithium-ion batteries (80 miles on land and 3 hours underwater on a 4 hour charge), rear propellers for speeds up to 2 knots forward, 2 front water jets for steering and lift, and a laser-guided sensor on the front allowing the car to autonomously drive all by itself. The only downside is that current navigational maps won't choose scenic underwater oceanic shortcuts when routing directions. Check out the video below to see it in action. Cool huh?

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Rinspeed sQuba - Submarine Sports Car
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Rinspeed sQuba - Submarine Sports Car
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Rinspeed sQuba - Submarine Sports Car
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Rinspeed sQuba - Submarine Sports Car
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Rinspeed sQuba - Submarine Sports Car
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Rinspeed sQuba - Submarine Sports Car
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Rinspeed sQuba - Submarine Sports Car
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Rinspeed sQuba - Submarine Sports Car
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Rinspeed sQuba - Submarine Sports Car
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