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120-M.P.H. Electric Car

120-M.P.H. Electric Car

120-M.P.H. Electric Car

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Got $108,000 to blow on a car? You might after you stop paying for over-priced gas and get a 120 MPH Electric Car! I know most of you are thinking that a dinky slow electric car really can't cut it in the real world. Well this new electric car with two electric motors will blow the doors off most sports cars with its screaming fast 4 second 0-60 time, 1,000 lb ft of torque and 120 mph top speed. Even cooler is that it looks similar to a covered motorcycle where a driver and passenger both ride in tandem which makes maneuvering through congestion a breeze. The design even allows it to park perpendicularly to make parallel parking a snap. It's ridiculously safe too. Not only does it have a very low center of gravity anchored by 1100 lbs of batteries underneath to prevent rollover, the body panels are made up of carbon fiber, Kevlar, and fiberglass covering a stainless steel chassis, chrome roll cage and side impact bars. It even has those 4 point seat belts like in race cars!

Yeah it's pricey for an electric car, I don't know how you would change 1100 lbs in batteries and the 40-80 miles per recharge (MPR?) is a little weak, but to never have to fill up at the pump again, produce zero emissions, ease traffic congestion and always get curious glances from onlookers makes it a smug treehugger and celeb dream car. Just lower that price and the rest of the world may be interested too.

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