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Jungle Float - Mobile Floating Water Park

Jungle Float - Mobile Floating Water Park

Jungle Float - Mobile Floating Water Park

This cool new Jungle Float is a massive mobile floating water park with an enclosed spiral slide, two angled trampolines, a rope swing, a jump off platform, decks covered in artificial turf, enough room for up 40 people, and a 25-hp outboard motor to help maneuver it around the lake. It's perfect for use on your own private lake, making others extremely jealous at public lakes, or it can even be rented out as a truly unique small business opportunity.

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  • Waterborne jungle gym that maneuvers into place with an integrated 25-hp outboard motor
  • Two Olympic-grade trampolines: 7' x 10' and 8' x 8'
  • Sturdy 8" galvanized steel springs
  • Enclosed 24" diameter spiral slide deposits riders 2' above the water
  • Rope swing descends from a retractable crane that adjusts to four angles, enabling swingers to jump from a higher or lower deck
  • Modular high-density polyethylene base provides stable marine-grade buoyancy
  • Three aluminum decks that secure to the base with stainless steel plates
  • Decks are floored with artificial turf
  • Stainless steel staircases
  • Swimmers reboard via two retractable aluminum wet steps
  • Requires 10' water depth
  • Supports up to 40 people (maximum 7,000 lbs.)
  • Size: 34' L x 12' W x 17' H - 7,600 lbs

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