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Rover - Wireless Spy Tank for iPad

Rover - Wireless Spy Tank for iPad

Rover - Wireless Spy Tank for iPad

The cool new Rover - Wireless Spy Tank is an innovative surveillance vehicle that you can control from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. What it sees, you'll see live on your device as it streams back realtime video and audio from an on-board manually adjustable camera and built-in microphone. It even includes undetectable infrared night vision so you see items in the dark. To navigate, just push the onscreen arrows in the direction you want to go or use the accelerometer-based G-Drive Mode and just turn your device like a steering wheel. It's a little too big and obvious to be a professional secret agent's tool, but for following pets around the house and covertly spying on or annoying your friends, family and co-workers, it's absolutely perfect.

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  • Audio/visual-enabled and photo-taking Rover - Go where it goes, see what it sees
  • Operated by your iPod touch, iPhone, smartphone or iPad tablet
  • Manually adjustable camera streams live video and takes still photos
  • Undetectable infrared night vision lets you see items in the dark
  • Built-in microphone transmits sound back to your device in real time
  • Generates its own Wi-Fi wireless connection for your smart device (no frequency interference)
  • Wireless range lets it travel up to 200 ft. unobstructed, up to 100 ft. around walls into other rooms
  • Navigate it with the on-screen driving arrows or use the G-Drive Mode to use your device’s accelerometer like a steering wheel
  • Free App available on iTunes
  • Powered by 6 AA batteries

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