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SpnKix - Motorized Electric Skates

SpnKix - Motorized Electric Skates

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When you're tired of walking or just want to glide effortlessly across the ground without getting into real skates, there's now these cool new SpnKix. These innovative electric skates strap onto your regular shoes and propel you around at speed up to 8 mph for up to 5-6 miles. They each feature an 80-watt motor that's integrated into a rugged fiber-reinforced nylon frame, smooth-rolling 6" diameter rubber tires, and use a handheld wireless remote control to throttle both skates at the same time. To stop, just let go of the throttle or lean back on the heel stopper just like a regular pair of skates. A fun and inventive mobility solution for students to get around a campus quicker and then toss in their backpacks, workers to zip around from cubicle to cubicle, or just anytime you want to lazily enjoy the outdoor scenery without too much exertion.

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SpnKix - Motorized Electric Skates
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SpnKix - Motorized Electric Skates
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SpnKix - Motorized Electric Skates
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SpnKix - Motorized Electric Skates
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SpnKix - Motorized Electric Skates
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SpnKix - Motorized Electric Skates
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