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Four Square Table Tennis Game

Four Square Table Tennis Game

Four Square Table Tennis Game

If you're bored with playing ping pong and want to ratchet up the excitement and the number of players, you need to check out this cool new Four Square Table Tennis Game. This full-sized professional game table allows more than a dozen players to compete in fast-paced tabletop matches based on the popular playground game Four Square.

As a kid, I never played Four Square at recess, I was usually playing Indiana Jones on the swings, but the concept of the game has been shrunk down to tabletop size. Players now use paddles and a table tennis ball to serve and volley and unlike waiting to play ping pong, Four Square lets players continuously rotate in and out. The foldable and durable table is divided into four colored quadrants and separated by soft bumpers. Simply try to score and knock opponents out of the game when serving, by trying to get them to commit fouls. The bumpers on the table can be used to ricochet the ball past an opponent or to set up for an easy slam.

The game sounds fun, but I'm still waiting for other childhood recess activities to be transformed into tabletop games as well. Who wouldn't want to relive classic recess games like, tabletop "kickball - where they don't pick you", tabletop "find the teacher quickly before you get a beating" and tabletop "get pushed off the slide, almost die and still get laughed at". Recess wasn't really much fun at all.

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