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Vurtego - Ultimate Highest Jumping Pogo Stick

Vurtego - Ultimate Highest Jumping Pogo Stick

Wow, I thought the Flybar Pogo Stick was cool, but the new Vurtego - Highest Jumping Pogo Stick is the absolute ultimate. The Vurtego has already set the World Record for highest jump and is capable of launching you around 7 feet in the air with 1500 pounds of thrust! It's all possible because of Vurtego's unique pneumatic drive cylinder that uses compressed air from a bicycle pump or air compressor. It even allows you to adjust the air pressure in the cyclinder for higher jumps. Check out the video below to see this thing in action. If you are a beginning jumper, I wouldn't recommend jumping over cars just yet, but what's cool is that you could...Insane! I would still prefer to have a hoverboard, but this will suffice until then.

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