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Amazing Synchronized Christmas Light & Sound Device - Outdoors

Amazing Synchronized Christmas Light & Sound Device - Outdoors

Amazing Synchronized Christmas Light & Sound Device - Outdoors



Wireless Mr. Christmas - Lights and Sounds of Christmas Device!

Remember that awesome Christmas Lights Gone Wild video from last year? The homeowner spent nearly two months and $10,000 to hook up and synchronize 25,000 lights to Trans-Siberian Orchestra's "Wizard in Winter" - Source: Snopes. Well here at Green Head HEADquarters I don't have that kind of money nor the time, so I found the next best thing.

If you want to inexpensively synchronize your holiday lights to match the rhythm and music of 20 Christmas carols you need to get the cool and easy to setup Mr. Christmas - Lights and Sounds of Christmas. It's basically a small electronic device with six power outlets and a speaker that you can either stake into the ground or mount on the side of your home. Simply plug your light strands and assorted light-up decorations into the power outlets, select the music you want to play or set it to random and watch in sheer awe as your house begins to animate in a full blown holiday extravaganza of dancing lights and music! I'm sure your neighbors will absolutely love it as well.

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  • Plug strands of lights or lighted items in the 6 outlets with circuits coordinated to the onboard music
  • Each outlet can power up to 1,200 miniature lights (a total of 7,200 lights)
  • Each catalog of 10 songs plays randomly, or specific songs can be selected at the touch of a button
  • Full volume control
  • Onboard outdoor speaker
  • Song select
  • 3 selectable modes
  • weatherproof & waterproof

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