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Birch Tree Log Pillows

Birch Tree Log Pillows

Birch Tree Log Pillows

These cool new Birch Tree Log Pillows made look like real birch tree logs, but are actually just soft pillows. These fun handmade pillows will have people doing double takes, especially during pillow fights, with stunning photorealistic birch tree graphics printed onto cotton-canvas to give them a realistic dimensionality. I recommend ordering a bunch and stacking them like firewood for a rustic touch in your home.

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  • Birch image is custom printed on cotton-canvas.
  • Decorative stitch along the seam line gives it a personal touch
  • Photorealistic print on fabric that looks very dimensional
  • These pillows look great in multiples or on their own
  • Materials: cotton canvas, polyfill
  • Handmade to order
  • Size: 21" L x 5.5" Diameter.

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