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Weeping Willow String Light Strands

Weeping Willow String Light Strands

Weeping Willow String Light Strands

Create a waterfall of festive illumination with these cool new Weeping Willow String Light Strands. Inspired by the branches of a weeping willow tree, this beautiful hanging light contains thirty strands filled with silver-wrapped, warm white LEDs that each create a slow-cascading twinkle effect. They feature a metal loop on the end for hanging upside down, are attached to a 10 inch long bendable pick to adjust the effect, can be used indoors or out, and are available in either a 4 foot version with 440 lights or a 6 foot length with 620 lights. Perfect for hanging in trees to light up backyard gatherings, adding a bit of twinkling magic to weddings, brightening up the holidays, and more.

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  • Weeping willow-like waterfall of lights
  • Beautiful, slow-cascading twinkle effect dancing down thirty strands of lights
  • 30 silver-wrapped, warm-white LED lights strands create the bright, weeping willow-inspired effect
  • There's always a slight, constant twinkle to enjoy
  • The thirty long light strands are gathered at the top in a silver-wrapped bundle attached to a 10"-long bendable pick
  • Easily adjusts to create the perfect desired lighting effect wherever you use it
  • Metal loop on end for hanging
  • Versatile for year-round use
  • Indoor / Outdoor
  • Plugs in - adapter included
  • 16' lead cord
  • 4' length has 440 warm-white lights
  • 6' length has 620 warm-white lights

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