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Trophy Deer Head Light

Trophy Deer Head Light

Trophy Deer Head Light

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I've always been fascinated with those who hang animal trophy heads on their walls. Yes, I understand that you were able to kill a peaceful animal that was drinking from a stream from a hundred yards away under total concealment and congrats to you on that achievement. It's a good thing that you'll be eating the animal too, since we wouldn't want to run out of meat at any of the endless grocery stores anytime soon. I also realize that it's important to control the populations of these animals because humans find them to be pests, yet the over-population of bloodthirsty killer human pests who still hang chopped off and stuffed animal heads on their walls goes completely unchecked. Perhaps all of the forest animals will one day rise up, cull the human population, and restore the balance of nature as the aliens above look down on our idiotic planet in total disbelief.

There is something deeply iconic and classically decorative about hanging the head of a dead animal on your wall though, so I found an interesting murder-free alternative. This cool new Trophy Deer Head Light may not have real fur, but it's hand-molded translucent resin design with internal dimmable illumination can at least light up a room. On the other hand, the $5,900 price tag could buy plenty of ammo to fight back against the sinister legion of attack squirrels who are right now planning an invasion.

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