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Skeleton Chandelier

Skeleton Chandelier

Skeleton Chandelier

When it comes to chandeliers for illuminating a haunted home, forget about the boring ones crafted from crystals, antlers, wagon wheels, or empty bottles, because the skeletal remains of a human body seems much more interesting and appropriate, like this cool new Three Skeleton Chandelier. This horrifying chandelier is crafted from the torsos and skulls of three skeletons (unfortunately, not real), each holding a pair of candles in their hands along with a single candle planted on top of their skulls. It features chains on top for hanging, plugs into any standard outlet, and includes nine 3-watt flicker bulbs. Check out the video to see it in action. Spooky huh?

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  • Make your haunt stand out among all others this year with this elaborate three skeleton torso chandelier
  • Each skeleton torso is holding a pair of candles, so six in all, with a candle on top of each skull for a total of nine candles
  • Nine 3-watt flicker bulbs are included
  • Plugs in to any wall outlet
  • Chains at the top for hanging
  • Perfect for any Halloween, horror, or gothic event.
  • Size: 20" T x 16" W - 12 lbs

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