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Bubble Fogger Machine

Bubble Fogger Machine

Bubble Fogger Machine

The bubble maker and fogger have finally come together at last in the cool new Bubble Fogger Machine. This 200-watt party machine creates whimsical fog-filled bubbles that release a puff of fog when they burst. The bubbles and fog are non-staining and non-toxic and can be used indoors. This would make a great addition at any proper Halloween bash, regular party, freaking out your cat or at the office, because everyone needs stress-releasing mood bubbles to help us get through the day.



  • 200-watt Bubble fogger creates fog-filled bubbles
  • Bubbles release a puff of fog when they burst
  • Great for Halloween
  • Includes half-pint of fog solution
  • Includes half-pint of bubble solution
  • Creates non-staining and non-toxic bubbles
  • Starts producing fog-filled bubbles minutes after being plugged in
  • Machine fits easily on a table
  • Unique addition to any holiday get-together

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