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Sea Monster Yard Statue

Sea Monster Yard Statue

Sea Monster Yard Statue

If you're already afraid of the ocean, now you can fear the land as well when you place this cool new Sea Monster Yard Decoration in your garden, under a tree, along your driveway, on the sidewalk, or anywhere you think a giant undersea suckered arm should appear to rising up from. This highly detailed three part sea monster arm replicates the suckered appendage of a creepy octopus, a giant squid, or even a mystical Kraken breeching the surface. It's sculpted entirely from high quality resin to withstand outdoor conditions, realistically painted, and can either be secured to the soil with stakes or placed on flat surfaces. If you buy 7 more sets, you can make it seem like your entire front yard is about to dragging helplessly down into the Earth.

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  • Release the kraken from below the murky depths to just below the flower bed or beneath the maple tree
  • Sea monster arm that appears to "breech the surface" in three separate segments
  • Sculpted entirely from resin and painted to resemble the arm of squid-like beast along with detailed suckers
  • Each segment includes one removable stake (three total) for securing into soil
  • Optional stakes for securing into the soil, or place him flat along a walkway, sidewalk, or even indoors
  • 100% resin to withstand outdoor conditions
  • Buy multiple sets to create a truly terrifying effect
  • Size Front: 19.5" L x 8" W x 10.75" H - 4 lbs
  • Size Middle: 21.75" L x 8.25" D x 14.25" H - 6 lbs
  • Size Tail: 14.5" L x 8" D x 23.5" H - 7 lbs

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