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Sharp-Dressed Werewolf Butler / Server

Sharp-Dressed Werewolf Butler / Server

Sharp-Dressed Werewolf Butler / Server

If I lived in a creepy haunted castle regularly filled with real party monsters, then, of course, I would have a terrifying yet well-groomed werewolf butler / bouncer to serve drinks and keep problematic guests in line with snarling terror. Well, I can't afford a castle and it's way too hard to find good werewolf help anymore since that cure was discovered, so I guess I can settle for this cool new Katherine's Collection Werewolf Server instead.

While it's not a real werewolf butler, this sharp-dressed, furry little 4 ft tall statue of one is the perfect way to serve up a tray of cocktails and appetizers to all your friends and fiends on Halloween, random sinister soirees, or just the latest howling-filled night of a full moon. It also doubles as spooky candy bowl-holding trick-or-treater greeter or use it as a ferociously fun side table in your man cave. This dapper and sophisticated, monocle-wearing werewolf server features real-touch fur, a food-safe serving tray, hand-painted facial features, and is dressed impeccably in a bejeweled waistcoat and pants finished with spats. Unfortunately, it doesn't transform back into a human butler.

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  • Exquisitely costumed werewolf butler / drink server
  • Halloween figure stands over 4 ft. tall
  • Holds food-safe tray to offer goodies
  • Ideal to greet visitors and party guests
  • Handcrafted details, ears to paws
  • Real-touch fur, great for adding texture to your Halloween landscape
  • Food-safe tray is attached to hand beneath
  • Dressed in bejeweled waistcoat and shirt, pants finished with spats; polyester fabrics
  • Skillfully hand-painted facial features
  • For indoor use only
  • Size: 21" W x 19" D x 50" H - 23 lbs

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