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Medieval Suit of Armor Bar and Drink Server

Medieval Suit of Armor Bar and Drink Server

Do you know what's cooler than having a full-sized medieval suit of armor statue in your home? A medieval suit of armor that secretly hides and guards a mini bar inside its chest! This cool new Sir Galahad Serveur is a full suit of Gothic plate armor handcrafted from over 50 pieces of 2mm thick aluminum and has a breastplate that opens up to reveal a chain-suspended serving tray and interior bar that stores up to four glasses and four bottles of your finest spirits. To fully complete the scene, now all you need is a castle, a private den hidden by a secret door, and this knight bar statue to stand guard.


  • Bar service built into the breastplate of a full suit of Gothic plate armor
  • An homage to the 15th century style popular in Europe
  • Suit is comprised of over 50 pieces of handcrafted 2mm-thick aluminum
  • Complete with pauldrons, rerebraces, couters, vambraces, and gauntlets that protect its arms from shoulder to fingertip
  • Holds a tray that opens from his curiass and suspends with two metal chains
  • Interior stores up to four 12-oz. glasses and four bottles of your preferred liquor
  • Stands upon a stained walnut base
  • Protected from the waist down by faulds, cuisses, poleyn, greaves, and square-toed sabaton
  • Vertically visored armet suggests one's libation is under constant guard
  • Size: 73" H x 33" W x 23" D - 57 lbs

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