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Medieval Chainmail Necktie

Medieval Chainmail Necktie

Medieval Chainmail Necktie

When knights weren't engaged in battle, they had meetings around conference tables just like we do today and obviously they wore something stylish like these cool new Medieval Chainmail Neckties. Yep, there's absolutely zero colorful peasant fabric in any of these neckties, just forged, er, anodized aluminum chainmail armor rings. An adjustable clasp on the back helps it fit necks up to 23" around and may or may not stop a surprise sword or flaming arrow attack from one of your fellow coworkers.Pairs nicely with the matching Medieval Chainmail T-Shirt

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  • Chainmail necktie
  • Anodized aluminum - 10 mm ring diameter
  • Adjustable clasp in back will fit neck up to 23" around
  • Size: 9" from top of knot to tip of tie, each "strap" is 9 1/2" long, will fit neck up to 23" around
  • Weight: 4 oz.

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