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Halloween Spider Web Mini Waffle Maker

Halloween Spider Web Mini Waffle Maker

Halloween Spider Web Mini Waffle Maker

Tired of eating those boring, old-fashioned grid-shaped waffles for breakfast? Well, if you don't suffer from extreme arachnophobia or have total superhero burnout, then check out this cool new Dash Spider Web Mini Waffle Maker. This fun little waffle maker cooks up miniature waffles in the shape of spider webs that are perfect for enjoying during the Halloween season, while watching movies with a certain famous web slinging superhero, or just any day of the year if you live in a cobweb-infested haunted house. The mini waffle maker features dual non-stick 4" cooking surfaces, quick and even heating, and a compact size that stores easily when not in use. If you want to get creative, just place a few chocolate chips on top of the spider web waffles and pretend that they're stuck houseflies... spider not included.

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  • Cook delicious mini waffles with a fun spider web shape
  • Celebrate spooky season or your favorite superhero
  • Dual non-stick 4" cooking surfaces clean easily and help lift your waffles off in one step
  • Heats up quickly and evenly for perfectly cooked mini waffles
  • No setup required, just plug it in and youโ€™re ready to go
  • Compact size stores neatly in cabinets and even drawers, and is the perfect size for any kitchen
  • Recipe Guide with plenty of yummy waffle ideas from sweet to savory
  • Easily stored in small apartments and dorm rooms
  • 350 Watts

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