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Presto Stuffler - Stuffed Belgian Waffle Maker

Presto Stuffler - Stuffed Belgian Waffle Maker

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Hungry? Then prepare to get stuffed with this cool new Presto Stuffler. This versatile kitchen appliance allows you to make huge gourmet Belgian waffles stuffed with sweet or savory foods like fried chicken, hamburger, eggs, cheese, sausage, fruits, vegetables, deli meats, pie fillings, candy bar pieces... the possibilities are endless!

To use this innovative stuffed waffle maker, simply pour in waffle, pancake, or cake batter halfway, add your favorite stuffing ingredients, top off the batter, and then close the cover. Then just let it cook for a few minutes, flip it over 180° for another few minutes to evenly spread the batter, and then use the built-in waffle tongs to lift and deposit the stuffed waffle onto a plate and enjoy. It's perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, a late night fourth meal, or anytime in-between for a tasty snack. It would also make a unique addition to restaurants and food trucks as well. Check out the video below to see it in action. Hungry Yet? 🧇😋

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Presto Stuffler - Stuffed Belgian Waffle Maker
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Presto Stuffler - Stuffed Belgian Waffle Maker
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Presto Stuffler - Stuffed Belgian Waffle Maker
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Presto Stuffler - Stuffed Belgian Waffle Maker
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Presto Stuffler - Stuffed Belgian Waffle Maker
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Presto Stuffler - Stuffed Belgian Waffle Maker
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Presto Stuffler - Stuffed Belgian Waffle Maker
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Presto Stuffler - Stuffed Belgian Waffle Maker
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Presto Stuffler - Stuffed Belgian Waffle Maker
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